The Fertile Underground

MISSION We strive to approach self-reliance through the creation and investigation of regenerative and sustainable agricultural communities by reclaiming overlooked and underused land for the production of organic food. The reclamation of "leftover" land for food production represents a shift in the perception of urban space and economy, while forging a connection between our lives and the land. It is our intention to:
  • Grow organic, local, fair-trade food
  • Share knowledge of food production and land stewardship
  • Reduce our ecological footprint by localizing the food system and creating urban green space
  • Provide access to the therapeutic, nutritional, and medical benefits of fresh food and fresh spaces
  • Form a community dedicated to the practice and exploration of the principles of sustainability.
VISION The whole world over, and especially in cities, we live disconnected from the source of our sustenance. Growing food is not only a way in which to live a more sustainable lifestyle, but through the physical and direct connection with the earth, it also enlightens us to the impacts of our decisions and enables us to work in a direct way to alleviate poverty, reverse the epidemic of chronic diet-related disease, and revitalize the urban and rural environment.

We hope to create a prototype of gardening practice, architecture and design, beginning first with a small, urban plot, and eventually expanding to larger spaces. By designing structural, energetic and biological systems that work in conjunction with one another, rather than separately, we will explore the interplay between sustainable food production and sustainable living.

It is our hope to offer inspiration and precedent: to demonstrate that by combining our talents, efforts, and knowledge, we can collectively overcome the challenges posed by an overburdened planet and an unpredictable economy to find new ways of sustaining our bodies, while regenerating our communities, our economy and our planet. Through these efforts it is our hope that we improve not only the health, connection and economy of our community members, but the value, both material and existential, of the land sites we cultivate.