Our Garden

Pearl Street Garden Using donated time, energy and materials, we've transformed a weed-strewn lot in the West End of Providence into a raised-bed urban farm that feeds dozens and dozens of members, friends and volunteers. Just as importantly, the farm has turned an aesthetic nightmare into a vibrant source of community interactivity. Volunteers get a chance to meet their neighbors during planting and wind up enjoying late-night cook-outs during harvest season. Connections are made with local and national foods educators and activists as the Pearl Street Garden joins with the urban foods revolution that transforms us from dulled, passive food consumers to active, healthy food producers who understand and choose what goes into our bodies. Now going into our fourth season, we look forward to the cycle anew - and helping to create more urban farms in the coming years.

For more of an ongoing window into the garden, come visit our Garden Blog.

Or better yet, come on by:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 11-2 Mark (Special Projects)
Wednesday: 2-5 EJL (Youth Activities)
Thursday: 11-2 Nina (Baby-friendly Gardening)
Friday: 11-3 Trev (Compost & Building Projects)
Saturday: 12:30-4:30 Dauna (Membership & Maintenance)
Sunday: 2-5 Andrea (Planting)