Our Greenhouse

THE SHEMAN FAKTORY As the first harvest season of the Pearl Street Gardens came to a close, the demand to keep things going was tremendous. And it was just at that point when carpenters came to town, joined our collective and built us a greenhouse that could keep us going year 'round. Known affectionately as the Sheman Faktory (come visit: we'll tell you why), it lets us experiment with winter crops, get an early jump on planting seeds and provides us with rich leafy produce even as the snow blankets the ground.

Made from recycled, donated materials, the Sheman Faktory is also indicative of how we roll: with a deep-rooted desire to not just minimize our impact on the planet but undo some of the damage we do as consumers. And so window panes that would've otherwise been smashed at landfills now bring forth food, just as bricks that would've otherwise been heaped on an abandoned plot now act as thermal batteries, charging up heat by day only to release it at night to the grateful seedlings nearby.

And so it goes.