Do you think about the food on your table? Where it comes from? What it has been through?

Here is the problem: across this country, our food system has become toxic, self-defeating and planet-killing. And it's getting worse everyday. But fear not: we have a solution!

Here at Fertile Underground we are working to create a new model for local, healthy food consumption.

We began growing our own food and joined the urban agriculture revolution. As the Fertile Underground, an artist-driven eco-collective founded in the first days of 2009, we have made gardens in vacant lots, backyards, porches, farmland, windowsills, rooftops, & sidewalk strips. Our main garden, located on Pearl Street in Providence, Rhode Island, has become a vibrant example of the wonderful results that can be had through spontaneous community effort. Originally a weed-strewn home for broken cars, it now feeds and educates the neighborhood, generating a true community spirit.

Now, as a result of the tremendous response to this work, we are opening a local, healthy, real- food store on the West Side of Providence. A grocery with a conscience that promotes living in sync with the natural way and teaches people the truth about food. This store, located in the center of this low-income food-desert, will be the first place to offer a real-food lifestyle anywhere in our city and will support the movement nation-wide.

HERE'S WHAT'S UP: We have secured this amazing, green-construction building that has been funded by The United Way and sponsored by The West Broadway Neighborhood Association. On a site that was also once an abandoned, blighted auto shop, were working to activate this sparkling new mixed-use building at 1577 Westminster Street in the West End of Providence.

We have developed our farm, we have the farmers, the greenhouse, the knowledge and passion, the community and the hungry stomachs. All we need now are the nuts and bolts- your donation to Fertile Underground will create the infrastructure to bring all this amazing support to fruition, by helping us build-out the produce bays, get some earth paint on the walls, install the lighting to feed off of our solar panels and generally create the facade and interior environment of the store.

Oh, and it's going to include an amazing agro-mural design of dedicated thanks to our supporters, you!

BUT: Its gonna take $15,000 and were going to need it in a month, so were asking you not just to help out - but to ask your friends and their friends to help out. Together we can create an accessible real food venue here in Providence and create a huge leap for the movement towards sustainable living in the world at large. And don't forget! Once our store is open and running, our profits will feed right back into our urban agricultural expansion as Fertile Underground creates more and more urban farms and gardens in every under-used lot in the city.

We maintain that local agriculture brings a simpler, healthier way of life and we want small, respectful farms to replace the current food system leviathan. Our group is generating that change on numerous fronts of the food supply chain, by growing, and now, through distribution, and increasing the economy for small, local, earth-friendly farmers.

Now were turning to you to bridge the small gap in this vision. Your Kickstarter efforts will fund the buildout of the store, allowing us to bring local, high quality produce to a working-class neighborhood that otherwise feeds itself from convenience stores. Your funding will pay innovative local carpenters to build shelves high up the walls of this store, pay visionary local artists to create informative signage, and art that is inspirational and reminds us of the beauties of small farming, and dangers of the industrial megalith. Your support will allow us to bring the freshest RI produce, bulk goods, sustainable foods and responsible staples to a neighborhood that can ill afford the mass produced nightmare of high-fat, high-salt over-processed foods shipped from thousands of miles away.

Your support will say that you have had enough of plastic food for everyone, and that you, too, see that there is a better way to live, a better way to feed and a better way to treat our planet.

We'll be putting a link right here for your Kickstarter pledges in the coming week so you can help us kickstart the environmental revolution.