The Furtile Underground Fuud Truk

YEAH! With an eye toward the Merry Prankster's convention-bending efforts to redefine the possible, the Furtile Underground Fuud Truk will likewise be challenging expectations of what a mobile food unit can accomplish. It's not every day, after all, that a mobile kitchen is able to bring affordable, good health to new frontiers by serving natural, locally-grown foods in tasty, nutritiously-balanced recipes.

It's not every day either that that meal is offered against a backdrop of a complete sensory experience.

Of course, there's the taste, touch and smell of those freshly-prepared meals. But then there's the sound and sights of the Fuud Truk's audiovisual system. It's just as probable that a film is being shown as one is being filmed, since the Truk'll have both projection and cameras, speakers and mics. It'll broadcast educational docs on nutrition and food sourcing but might also be sampling volunteers for remixing into new creations.

This is what happens when your Fuud Truk is powered by an artist-driven eco-collective.